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How We Bought A House With Only $1,700

In honor of my first post I will talk about how we purchased the inspiration for this blog…

Buying a house can be very intimidating and many young adults think that you have to make a lot of money to purchase a home or might see it as something that’s far from reach. In fact, as long as a you have a stable job and good credit you can purchase a house. Here’s how we did it.


Buying a house was sort of a fantasy for me, something that would happen waaay in the future. When I became a realtor everything changed, I began to learn how the lending process worked.

I learned about first time home buyer grants.

I can go on and on about the lending process, different grants, and the buying process but lets leave that for later. Your best bet is to get with a good lender who can go over it all with you like we did.

Because we had good credit and made less than 70k a year we qualified for a SETH grant and our lender gave us a small grant from his company that helped us tremendously. The grants paid for our downpayment and part of closing costs in the end we saved 70% of our total costs. We paid 30% of our closing and since I was a realtor I still received a 1.5% commission of the total cost of the house! So in all we only paid 20% of our total costs! Talk about savings, Cha ching!

Now the fun part begins ever since closing on our house we’ve torn out the carpet, scraped the ceilings, and I am in the process of choosing flooring and paint ahhhh heaven! Future posts to come.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’d like to know in more detail about how we did it, grants, or just purchasing a house in general.


2 thoughts on “How We Bought A House With Only $1,700

    1. I received it from my lender with Prime Lending but you can ask any lender about it. As long as you have good credit and a stable job you may be able to qualify for it. I would speak to a lender about it in more detail as they will be able to assess your situation a little better.


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