Home Makeover

Kitchen Before and After

When we bought our house it had a dark galley kitchen. There was no way we could afford to open it up or do a complete remodel.

Here are the before pictures



I had to find a way to work with what I had and what my budget could afford.

We began by removing the popcorn ceiling, since we needed to re-texture the ceiling we went ahead and textured over the outdated floral wall paper. We tried removing it only to find a different floral wallpaper which was 10x harder to remove so we opted for the texture route.

We painted cabinets white, replaced hardware, replaced lamps, added new floors, and a new faucet.

Major reno was not something we could afford but paint and a little bit of elbow grease did the trick. New appliances are in the works and over time we’d like to add a backsplash and new countertops.

Here are the after pictures


(Excuse the mess, this was the night before we moved in trying to get last minute cleaning done.)

Looking at them side by side you can see that the white color and the natural light makes it appear larger. If you’re updating or planning to update your home on a budget remember that paint goes a long way. Minus the floor we spent around $400 to revamp our kitchen of course we did all the work ourselves with the help of my handy father in law. Labor expenses weren’t and issue.





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