Home Makeover

Guest Bath Remodel

When a leak turns into a remodel and make a beautiful baby.

Here’s a picture of the bathroom before we bought our house 

Upon moving in we replaced the vinyl flooring with tile, painted the walls and the yellow sink.

This is what it looked like right before we remodeled the shower 

Here’s my lovely husband doing all the demo. 

There was a box above the shower literally created to just hold a recessed lamp, it made the shower feel small and clausterphobic so we decided to get rid of that and the cabinet above the toilet to open up the room.  

We decided to use the same tile that we used on the floor for the shower since we had boxes left over. All the tile work was done by my father in law. We also removed the old grout and applied a lighter grout color. The accent tile I used was a marble tile that I love.

Here’s the finished product.

We removed the old mirror and I replaced it with one that I bought at Home Goods

I’ll have a post coming soon on how I painted the sink. 


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