Home Makeover

DIY 3D Wall Art (Magnified Glitter)

So These past few weeks I’ve been working on my spare bedroom and turning it into my glam room. Now, I’m cheap and I’m always looking for ways to reuse, recycle, and do it myself. This DIY was inspired by one of my favorite youtubers, Mr. Kate. You can also find this tutorial on her channel along with a ton of awesomeness.

1. Find an old piece of wall art or purchase a blank canvas. Here is the one I used found in a garage sale for $1.

2. Tear pieces of foil paper to the size of your liking. 

3. Place your hand in the middle and crumple the paper. Try not to crumple it too much so you can get that Magnified glitter effect 

4. Begin gluing the pieces together on the canvas. I used a hot glue gun, use smaller pieces to fill in any gaps. It should look something like this.

5. The final step is to spray paint, I used gold metallic spray paint. You could also go over it in metallic silver or rose gold.

This is after the first coat, I had to do several coats and spray all four angles. I used about one and half cans of paint. 

Here’s the final look 


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