Home Makeover

Easy Bathroom Update, DIY Painted Countertops 

I wanted to change out the old yellow countertops in the bathrooms of our house, but after looking at new countertops online I quickly realized it was something we couldn’t afford at the moment so instead I decided to paint them!

Yes as it turns out you can paint countertops and here’s how I did it.

This stuff is amazing you could even use it to refinish your bathtub if there’s some discoloration. 

I simply followed the instructions on the back of the box. I used a high density foam roller so that it would go on smoothly rather than using a paint brush.

I suggest painting the countertops before you move into a house or have a backup sink you can use. 

Here’s how I prepped and masked, I was originally going to spray paint the sink which is why I masked the mirror and walls but I changed my mind and used the  sink paint instead so it would hold up better.

It can take 72 hours for the paint to cure. After 72 hours you can use the sink again but don’t put items on top of the counter for about a week or two. I had trouble with things getting stuck and leaving indentations in the paint. 

Before and after 


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