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Glam Room

I am so excited to finally be sharing this room. This space was a mess and we were using it as a “storage room” I dreaded opening the door to this room and after a year I finally decided to give it a purpose and create my own space. I feel like I’m never “finished “decorating a space and that’s the case with this room. There’s so much more I would love to do.

Here’s what it looked like before moving in

What even is this room?
Shortly after moving in, it quickly became our junk room.

But this is what it looks like now!

You guys, everything in here was stuff I already had. This room was super low budget! These curtains are my favorite, they’re the LILL Lace curtains from IKEA I love how long and whimsical they look and the best part is they’re only $4.99!!! 😍 Heres the link: (LILL Curtains) Thank me later haha

This dresser was $20 at a garage sale I painted it and changed the hardware. The gold artwork was a DIY project that you may have seen in a previous post. (DIY 3D Wall Art) The floor length mirror was a gift from my husband. He knew I always wanted one but they were always so expensive and he found it at a really good price.

I really wanted a Vanity mirror but geez they’re way out of my budget so my husband decided to make one instead. I believe we spent around $150 to make. The rug was $5 at dirt cheap 😏 the bookshelf used to be a built in book shelf that we recreated as a free standing book shelf and repainted in white and also helps hide our ugly internet router.

I’m such a cheapskate lol
I would love to hear what you guys think and maybe give me some ideas on what to change or tell me what you would’ve done differently with this space.


4 thoughts on “Glam Room

  1. I LOVE it! So is it like a fancy dressing room then? I’ve found some awesome items at HomeGoods that would look good in there 🙂


      1. I love having girly spaces! I’m lucky in that my husband totally embraces my love of pink 😛 😀


  2. Its so funny because we live in a two bedroom house ht now and our extra room is our storage room and looks just like your before pic. Truly inspiring youre so good that this!! What paint.do you use to paint the dresser?


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